A Fondo

Prosecco DOCG frizzante


Is made with Glera grapes from our hills, the traditional “sur lie”.

How we make

After the primary fermentation, which malolactic fermentation, the wine is racked and decanted from the gross lees. It remain sur lie for four months: the final assemblage is made adding native yeasts and must before tirage (bottling). The wine undergoes its second fermentation. then given a further 3 months’ ageing before release.

Soil and vineyard

Soil type: mixed clayed, chalky soil of varying depths. The Carpesica hillsides have a surface layer rich in morainic residues of the ancient Piave glacier. Vineyard altitude is 180 m above sea level. Training system: Sylvoz. Planting density: 3500 vines per hectare. Harvest period: second half of September. Yield: around 70 hectolitres per hectare. Climate: temperate - cold winters and warm, well-ventilated, non-muggy summers. Considerable day/night temperature shifts, particularly during summer.


Pale straw yellow with a light cloudiness.


Green apple, white peach, litchi, peppermint, forsythia, honeysuckle.


Savory with minerals, persistent.


Alcohol 11% vol.
Sugar 0 gr/l
Total acidity 6 gr/l
Pressure 2,5 bar
Net Extract 21,60 gr/l
Sulphites 2 mg/l

Drink it with

A dinner with your best friend.